Nov 072013

OPBD-049 Pooping mania. 40 defecation acts of all colours and forms

Feces excreted from Booty of our actress Hasegawa Izumi, Izumi Marin, Ren Pearl … best super rare treasure things that can not be seen only OPERA! ! About 40 defecation in various colors form the color and even sound! Anal, sticking excretion of grind scene full view! This is a recap for defecation shit-mania packed with only poop beautiful woman!

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Nov 022013

BFFE-03 Enema, masturbation defecation
Woman wavering between pleasure and pain. The injected liquid enema of fear in a normal woman is reached it does not have such a hobby, to restrain the urge to have a bowel movement stimulated by the electric massage machine, etc. in this work. Juice of dirty brown resulting in out of the ass hole power loose body and reacts to the vibration of the electric massage machine. Everyone is puzzled to experience for the first time, electric stimulation of between shame Lau overlap each time gradually, pain, irritation, I would spewing enema diarrhea vigorously as it reaches the climax reason is no longer in pain. What girls wonder what felt pleasure abnormal that you have not experienced before?

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